Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ziek Ziek Ziekeddy Gynephile

By Sophia Siedlberg

Dr. Westenfelder has inspired me to start an award scheme. I will call it the Westenfelder Quackery award. And every month OII could award this to whatever doctor really comes out with the usual dumb panic-stricken claptrap, but in the best style. We have had notable candidates already: "Girls will be girls (Or Else)" (Perrin White), "The Doctors felt that anything other than DSD was too de-pathologizing" (Alice Dreger), "They are best, sorry, "especially, suited for prostitution" (J Michael Bailey).

So why have I decided that this award be named after Dr Westenfelder? Of Krankenhaus Maria-Hilf, Klinik für Urologie und Kinderurologie, Krefeld. Because He has come out with an absolute corker. And here it is:

"In 5-alpha deficiency, early gonadectomy and feminization are not recommended since gyneophile behavior can be expected. Late or non-correction is rejected by the majority of psychiatrists. Many problems remain unclear and controversial due to lack of knowledge."

Ok, so Dr. Martin Westenfelder is talking about not doing surgery on intersex patients. Oh how wonderful, but there is a catch. "They may grow up being lesbians" and "must be made men" (So surgery is still involved then). I see we are in Der Eigene territory again. Oh and what is singled out for this wonderful male privilege. Yes, you guessed it. People with 5 alpha. I find that particularly irritating. I am not sure what it is with psychiatrists and 5 alpha. Do they have dreams of surgeons procuring a Bolivar or Cohiba sized penis on an 18 month old child. Well a cigar is a cigar, the end result is more, errm Hamlet, and mangled at that. To put it bluntly Dr Westenfelder is not telling you about the surgery, yes I said surgery, in his own country, that is termed "A hypospadias repair" or "Treating a hernia" but often involves the ripping out of the occasional uterus while no one is looking.

You can see how this strange logic works, when you consider that most papers on 5 alpha describe a vagina and the little girl grows up into macho manhood with a 30 foot long penis that would make a spammer jealous. Well this is evidently a bit fictional if Dr. Westenfelder considers masculinization of a "hypospadias" to be needed. There would not be one right? But a clitoris and vagina right? Westenfelder ends his comment with:

"In the future they can only be solved through cooperation, documentation, and observation of these individuals over their lifetime."

Well there is another lie, not coming from Westenfelder himself. But how often is that parroted when discussing 5 alpha? As someone with 5 alpha, my experience has been that such statements are little more than hot air. And the "Make ‘em male" line of reasoning is nothing new either. As it happens, this is what I was subjected to. I have written it out enough times. I really cannot help but see something abusive behind all this. Before 1990 the records of sex assignation did not read like a uniform rush to feminize every child. Dr. John Money had a blanket policy of feminization but everywhere else it was more uncertain, and in the Middle East and various religious countries masculinization was and still is more common. Perhaps my argument sounds a little twisted when I say that most of the time, male assignation is motivated by a need to cause the child harm, and make them regret they were ever born, having been through it myself. However, I am entitled to say that. Dr Westenfelder is from what I have been reading either a surgeon or a psychiatrist. Most probably a psychiatrist given the "Dr" title, and someone whom I regard as a threat. It is simple Pavlovian logic. I was assigned "male" given a life of hell, and when I finally had the damage undone as best it could be, I read these people in the media going "Man, man, man, man, Srebrenica, hahaha". All they are achieving by all this is to make themselves objects of hatred; I have said that before as well. I have also said they will do it to the wrong child and that child could grow into an autandrophobe and hunt the doctors down.

My feelings towards the "Expert" who decreed I should be "male" when I was a child are homicidal, literally. I have to keep that anger under control; I have had to be kept well away from medical professionals who started harping on about chromosomes and "make ‘em male" because I would have killed them at one time. I am not sure the Dr. Westenfelder quite understands what he is dealing with. I am not saying everyone born with an intersex variation or even 5 alpha would have the negative reaction towards the "masculine" I have, but again and again I say that one day they will do it to someone else who is not as able to restrain their anger.

My actual answer is to use this "Westenfelder award" and every quack who comes out with arbitrary sex assignment, and does it for dumb reasons like "they may grow up gay" or "they may grow up lesbian" will get the award. You could consider this as an exercise is psychology, a sort of special list calling attention to those who are causing great harm to innocent children and if children could grow up gynephiles, they could also grow up to be angry autoandrophobes.

Let's see if the doctors are so confident. Do the Doctors feel comfortable being listed when that list could easily be read by someone in the future who is very angry? I mean the Doctors usually still go in for covering their tracks so angry patients cannot trace them. What Am I saying? Well, are the doctors really so confident about the eventual outcome of their actions? You see I am concerned about the children. So much so I am quite happy to maintain a list of Doctors who have caused them harm. Do the doctors feel so confident with such a list that could guide future victims about whom to sue?

Again feel free to talk to us. I am sure we can all come to a more mutual understanding.